About Us

Brandenburg’s Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is a five star country inn that provides a luxurious getaway in a very casual southern setting. At Southern Grace you will find crystal chandeliers, leaded glass, splendorous 23 foot ceilings and 2 century year old antiques … sitting on a farm with alpacas, cows, goats, ducks and chickens ready to be hand fed. We offer fishing, paddle boating, swimming or just plain luxurious relaxing. We offer amazing food and unguarded snacks. What are you waiting for? We are located near the Ohio River just outside of Brandenburg, KY and very close to Ft. Knox and the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and across the River is Southern Indiana’s Cave and Wine Country. We look forward to your visit!

Meet David and Theresa

meet david and theresaSays Theresa: “I was raised on a farm in rural Kentucky with 14 brothers and sisters. My mom and dad taught a tremendous work ethic where my siblings and I worked in tobacco as children and it paid for our tuition for private school. We were poor but they taught us the value of work and family. Material things and government assistance were non existent, but the unrelenting teaching of a work ethic was there every day, how rich we really were. I grew up with my father being the chief ranger of Bernheim Forest and was taught to love and respect the creation God created and the beauty He gave us. I love the outdoors, bird watching and digging in the dirt to this day and you will never get that farm girl out of me! My dad also spent his later years researching and writing books on our genealogy and I can proudly say, Pocahontas is my 16th great grandmother and King Powhatan my 17th great grandfather! Also John Rolfe being my 16th great grandfather. I raised 4 children of my own and home schooled them and passed the unrelenting work ethic down. My son built this bed and breakfast when he was just 23 years old! I took many homeless children in and one girl I rescued off the streets is now a prominent plastic surgeon. I have never met a stranger and no matter your background I have something in common with you!

“David was raised on a farm in Southern Indiana and he is the most perfect man in the world! He too was taught a work ethic and he is amazing, he can fix anything! David was a single parent of 2 children and when we married we finished raising our brood together. We have suffered many heartaches the death of a husband, the death of a child but we are stronger today and we want you to come to Southern Grace and relax.

“We love people and enjoy meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life! We want your stay to be one where you will be pampered and spoiled and your needs met whether on business or pleasure.

“We appreciate you doing business with a small American owned business. We can assure you we will do everything we can to make Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast a remarkable stay and the best choice, for your hard earned money!”