1. Growing in Popularity.Farm Stays have been a growing trend in Europe since the 1980s…and in Australia and North America,” (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farm_stay). Farm-stay styled hotel stays are always a good way to get away from the ruckus of the city, indulge in some true peace and quiet and rest and relaxation, as well as taking part in farm-type experiences that may be once in a lifetime. For example, when would you be able to see a horse get its hoof trimmed? How often to you get to see Alpacas get their thick wool sheered? When is the last time you got to pet, feed, and hold baby goats? If you answered “Never have” to any of these then a farm stay would be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your family, kids included, to partake in. The growing popularity in such serene countryside involvement goes hand in hand with the increase in population and chaotic city norms. Book NOW for you and your loved ones, and experience one of the best top-rated award-winning Farm Stays in the U.S., at Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast.
  2. There are Always Things-to-Do. Collecting chicken eggs, fishing, farm animal feeding, and walking with goats, cows and alpacas are just half the fun things to do at a good farm stay destination hotel. Exploring the land and terrain and star gazing in the evening from a countryside location is nothing like anywhere else in civilization. Bird watching, with hundreds of types of species touching ground among the farm stay property, is quite exhilarating more than one would think. A good farm stay will have places with plenty of mixed seeds and water, along with other exhibits and bird-loving snacks, to draw in several birds of all sizes the human eye may have never seen. Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast has all these things to do and this is the perfect time of the year to book a room to partake in these Things-to-Do.
  3. Peaceful Retreat. If popularity and an array of things to do aren’t intriguing enough, add in blissful quietness and the tranquility of utter peacefulness. Typically, the loudest sound you may hear at a farm stay is the “Moo” of a cow or the “Baaa” of a goat or sheep! Even then, that only may occur during the day. At night however, aside from the city streets, blaring emergency vehicle sirens, loud cars and semis downshifting, you will experience silence you may have never thought was possible. In fact, many say it is so quiet they turn on the fan or television at the start of quiet time due to such a change of normal pace, just so they can not feel too far from normality and wind down before sleep time. Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast also invested in the top mattresses and linens to ensure the utmost relaxation possible! Book a Peaceful Retreat today HERE.


-Blog by: Daniel Sebastian Clemans