Thunder Over Louisville—Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Many have heard of the legendary “Thunder Over Louisville.” Just miles away from 5-Star Hotel and Inn Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast This annual kickoff event preludes the Historic Kentucky Derby, both of which draw patrons from across the globe and is a Must on many Bucket Lists! Last year’s Kentucky Derby made history yet once again. The three-year old Chestnut Colt named “Justify” that was born and raised in Kentucky, with his Legendary Internationally renowned father and stallion Scat Daddy passing away, went to win the Triple Crown and retired soon after as an undefeated thoroughbred.

Even adventure seekers not interested in horse-racing can find excitement in not only the history of the Kentucky Derby and its horses, but its festivals leading up to it. Thunder of Louisville is the “largest annual fireworks display in North America.” To kick it off is an Amazing Air Show at 3pm before the fireworks ignite, and many other adventurous events here.

For the budget seekers, obviously the Thunder Over Louisville can be seen, heard, and even felt from up to several miles away. However, there are many areas very close that are FREE to the public. Additionally, there are a plethora of things to do and events to attend that are either FREE or minimal charges. From Steamboat races to many sports events of all genres and fashion shows, and even a mesmerizing Hot Air Balloon Festival with the launch of hundreds of glimmering hot air balloons either racing or cruising the skies, are all events that are either minimally priced or FREE to view. Check the “Events” tab on the Kentucky Derby Festival page for dates and times of some of the hundreds of events taking place and book your stay at Near-by Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast where you will get a custom 5-Star breakfast for you and your family EVERY MORNING before heading out to your chosen events as well as Award-Winning treatment.

For the athletes and marathon runners, there is great news for you. There are many races, marathons and relays to join in on. From 13 miles to over 26 mile-marathons and Teamwork oriented marathon relays, Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast will pamper you with not only the greatest sleep and relaxation in the greatest beds, but a nutritious customized breakfast menu before you head out! Sign up now for races and marathons here, and book your stay with Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast here!