Magnificent Caves and Caverns: While caves and caverns are technically just “holes or voids in the ground,” there is a lot to be said about the natural beauty of the forces of nature that make these “holes.” While there are many caves and caverns in the World, formed by several different violent means of Mother Nature, Southern Indiana, close proximity to Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast, possesses several of the most intricate and elaborative caves and caverns in the United States, some of which that have even been labeled “National Landmarks.”

  1. Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark has been giving public tours since 1883. It was said to be discovered by two school children and was registered as a national landmark in 1984. While history has a handful of different details on how this amazing phenomenon of a cave was founded, there is no dispute of its stunning features. With over half a thousand reviews, this cave and cavern is a national attraction as well as an international attraction according to visitors from all parts of the world. Available are long tours, short tours, gift shops and guided cave hikes. Contact Marengo Caves HERE for tickets and book at Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast HERE for a great night’s sleep and 5-Star luxury breakfast before heading out to have your mind blown by natural beauty and mystery.
  2. Squire Boone Caverns being only 6 miles away from Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast, besides its sheer amazingness, is a great place to spend a day or two for adventure you’ll remember forever. This cavern location contains rushing streams, astonishing cave formations and waterfalls to name only a handful of all the history and nature’s marks here. Ziplining, harmless cute bats and the cool cavern air hitting your face will have you and your family talking for decades about instilled memories. You can book group tours or basic walk throughs HERE and you can also check out the shops, stories and park maps HERE. Many guests of Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast that frequent the Squire Boone Caverns yearly have nothing but great things to say and the best of stories to tell about this Cavern location. Book a luxury suite HERE and gorge yourself with adventure right down the road for one or two days’ worth of activities and things to do at Squire Boone Caverns.
  3. Indiana Caverns, a well-known tourist attraction for families and children in Southern Indiana, is a great place with several hands-on activities to suit all tastes. From Gemstone mining to fossil finding, and $6 underground crawl tours (Caver hat, Caver light, and gloves are included!) in the kid-friendly “Cavern of the Sabertooth” will all have you fully indulged while crawling on your hands and knees with your kids for 400 feet of exploring. Escape Rooms, a Zip Coaster called the “Bat Chaser” (similar to a zipline), and walking tours as well as more physical exploration (kayaking, climbing, crawling, etc) will all give you an experience not many places can offer. Recommended is a luxurious farm-stay sleepover HERE at Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast before heading out to the Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park.
  4. Wyandotte Caves offer a vast amount of recreational and exciting activities of all likes. From very rugged tours for the more physical challenging patrons to easy tours for a more short and simple tours, this location has it all. Located within a beautiful forest state park, Wyandotte Caves has many things to do within and around it. Trails, a waterpark, canoeing, and of course cave-touring are some of the most popular activities here. Bring your jacket into the 52 degrees caves and be ready to see all sorts of rare formations that are not easy to spell or pronounce (helictites, epsomites, speleothems, etc.) but leave resonating and astonishing memories in your mind. Book HERE at Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast and you will be a short scenic drive over the Ohio River to access Wyandotte Caves.
  5. Mammoth Caves contains “the World’s longest known cave system with more than 400 miles” of explored labyrinths. It is labeled by many to be “Grand, Gloomy, and Peculiar” all in one. Sitting inside its own National Park, you are sure to get an eye full of nature and many activities to do. Check HERE to plan a visit to the “Mammoth” sized cave system and surrounding forest, and to view all the photos of this colossal nature phenomenon. People from all over the world have stayed at Southern Grace Bed & Breakfast before and after visiting the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. Click HERE to book a night or two for a luxurious and extremely relaxing farm-stay and be prepared to pick your customized breakfast for each morning for each guest!